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About Us

xit foundation

Bringing innovation with technology
beautiful design and security system.


We care about the technology, about qualified products, and about idea. We love to innovate. We enjoy uncovering the new, the unexpected. We believe that new technologies and simplicity are one side of the coin, and a beautiful design is the language our user-friendly products speak. We admire and are inspired by the people who go the extra mile and never stop. That’s who we are.

About XIT

XIT was founded in 2017 in indonesia on the idea that everyone would use technology in digital era. For more than 5 years our services have been helping a lot of people whos business more efficient and more managed with technology especially with application. We continued to make our services on technology to be better and better and our priority is how we can make our life more efficient and easier with technology.

It’s a great privilege and responsibility but also a lot of fun to keep delivering the best services about technology for alot of people. We are a Indonesian company with Head office on Jepara, Indonesia, and branches and offices on some city in indonesia.

In 2020 we opened a new chapter in our history and focused our core business around website and mobile apps. Today, we are we have mission to be the best technology company in indonesia and bringing the young generation of indonesia to be a qualified people with high skill.

What We Do

We make great product for technology especially in windows apps , website and mobile apps , and design animation. with a good looking and user friendly every piece of menu or feature, we want to deliver a good products include security system indeep.

Our Goals

We commit with our passion about technology, for that we serious to create a good product for every apps, website or design we created and we can to be the best technology company in indonesia at 2030.

"Innovation in technology for easier life."